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Advancing animal wellness with condition-specific, evidence-based nutraceuticals, developed by experts, for experts, in veterinary medicine.


Wellness can be complexDepending on many factors, including dietary, environmental and aging, it is important to have a range of options from which to select the most suitable supportive product(s). We partner with formulation experts, such as Rx Vitamins, to offer over 30 pharmaceutical-quality, condition-specific nutraceutical formulations for precision support. And we continue to research innovative new ingredients and formulations for additional options in the future.



We are introducing a new label design across all of our products. The labels are now easier to read and key information is easier to find. The crossover to this new label style will be completed during 2023.



We are passionate about the medical advancement of precision nutraceuticals for healthy aging and wellness. 

Our condition-specific formulations support prolonged wellness for animals of all ages, and may help to reduce or delay the need for pharmaceutical intervention in aging pets. Our formulations can also play an important supporting role in palliative care, helping to deliver improved quality of life.

We are also passionate about the role of the veterinarian. We believe evidence-based nutraceuticals should be dispensed through consulting veterinarians who are best positioned for an integrative approach to health and wellness. If you are a veterinarian or part of the veterinary support team, please contact us for a productive medical discussion about where and how our products can fit in the medical continuum from wellness to treatment. Our team and our professional network include qualified veterinarians and veterinary technicians with extensive expertise in this field.

For pet owners, we encourage you to discuss wellness and aging with your veterinarian who is in the best position to understand the needs of your furry family member.


Medvant is a Canadian company, focused on the needs of Canadian veterinarians and the patients they serve.


Please reach us at our bilingual toll free customer service line 1-844-941-1616 or complete the contact form to receive a follow up by email or phone.

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